About Us

Founded in 1999, 3eyesinfonet, has grown to become one of Connecticut's leading End to End Publishing, Data Conversion, E-Book Conversion, Website Design, Internet Marketing and advertising agencies. As our client-base and scope of services has expanded, so too has our desire to provide innovative, custom solutions to each of our clients. With a seasoned staff of talented professionals, 3eyesinfonet is able to offer a full spectrum of End to End Publishing, Data Conversion, E-Book Conversion, website design, search engine optimization, web application and marketing services that go well beyond the basics of website development.
      We greet each project with a collaborative approach that is geared towards the client’s unique needs. From strategic analysis to the creation and implementation of engaging designs and self-managed content tools, the entire 3eyesinfonet team will be focused on achieving your goals.

History of project 

  • Proof Reading
  • Re Drawing, Re Labeling
  • PDF Creation (AER)
  • Paginations
  • OCR, Text Cleaning
  • XML, HTML, SGML Conversion
  • E-BOOK Conversion
  • JOURNAL Conversion
  • News Paper archiving
  • Legal Book Conversion

Our users

Our client list includes a number of large international Publishing houses and a couple of Fortune 500 companies